LOK Network Members

In 2014, under the leadership of Daniel Cloutier from LOK Corporation, Louis-Paul Marin from Groupe MMA in Canada and Ton Pennings from CEpartner4U in the Netherlands, all parties discussed the mission of the proposed organization, including membership requirements; and set forth this statement of purpose:

The purpose of LOK Network is to establish and maintain the highest possible standards in the medical devices service industry. For that purpose, the Network will provide opportunities for the medical device manufacturers to meet all their requirement objectives at one place.


LOK Corporation International 

LOK Corporation has a compelling and advantaged business model that is relatively simple: We provide ultimate solutions for manufacturers and distributors to find each other. The efficient methodology assures that your company will have the best distributors in your channels, guaranteeing success and international recognition of your products.  


LOK North America 

LOK North America is in Montreal Metropolitan at the heart of the life science environment. The clients of this office are drawn from various sectors including Medical Device, In Vitro Diagnostic, natural products, drugs and cosmetics.

The team has a wealth of expertise and experience advising clients on a range of issues by providing solutions ranging from market entry strategy, regulatory for Health Canada and FDA, quality system, clinical requirements, distributor identification and selection, distributor agreement negotiations to sales management.

Our knowledge of the quality assurance requirements has also allowed us to create custom solutions for the companies testing the Canadian market. LOK North America is proud of its experts, the quality of its clients’ work and the contribution it makes to LOK Network’s intellectual capital.  


LOK Europe 

LOK Europe is in the Netherlands where our team has an extensive experience working with clients from small sizes to world leaders.

 Although this market is well known, constant changes in both country and union legislation, as well as the associated changes in quality management and distribution make it challenging for companies to follow every single market that unifies this continent. All these potential obstacles have to be dealt with while adapting to multiple languages and cultures.

The office serves clients across a wide range of segments in the medical field. Our senior executives in the Netherlands and neighboring countries answer to companies that are coming LOK for insight in areas such as long-term strategic direction, growth in existing and new lines of business, logistics, quality systems and regulations.  


LOK China 

LOK China's young dynamic team, located in Beijing, has extensive experience helping medical device manufacturers to better understand the exclusive business environment that is China. 

Initially, the office focused much of its work on helping in the regulatory process and distribution strategies. That picture has now evolved as our client’s objectives are to implement better manufacturing capacities, comply with international standards, invest directly in China and improve their regional organizational structure. 


LOK India 

LOK India plays a strategic role in serving clients throughout the fast-growing Indian market. Working in close collaboration with our main office in Mumbai, our presence in this dynamic market is supported by our two regional offices in Calcutta and Ahmedabad. 

Already large Indian medical manufacturers are increasingly rolling out their business models abroad and becoming global competitors. Ahmedabad is one of the hot spots of life Science in India and direct presence in this region allows us to answer the needs of our customers in an efficient way. 

The office provides clients with a wide range of services, including regulatory for medical device and drugs, distributors search and management as well as manufacturer outsourcing.