Customer Care

Enhancing customer service operations and leveraging your customers’ experience!

Customer service across the ever competitive medical device world has developed considerably in complexity in recent years, notably in three key areas:

  • Availability of accurate information
  • Clear and professional communication without language barriers
  • Time zone efficiencies for customer service and delivery

Medical device manufacturers must be present to respond to customers’ feedback and concerns while considering customers their cultural differences and language preferences in communications thus become more valued suppliers.

We recognize that our customers often have the competence but struggle to satisfy customer’ requests due to time differences, linguistic barriers or lack of cultural knowledge of the market.

LOK’s Customer Care service focus is simultaneously on your business and customers. LOK acts as an outsource partner that can help its clients care for their customers. We strongly believe in driving innovation in global communication and are committed to help medical device manufacturers of all sizes differentiate themselves with real-time, end-to-end solutions that deliver outcomes, resulting in customer growth, retention and advocacy.